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Re: Floor Talk June 3

Ask SW how much rain he's received over the last 24 month time frame. I'm sure it isn't much different than my in laws and man the total amount is staggering.
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Re: Floor Talk June 3

in 35 months less than 17.5 inches-------- and 5.5 inches of that came in a 40 minute hail storm if you were in the lucky spot.  Several of our fields have not seen 6 inches in one year for 3 years.


last 24 months would exclude that hail--------- less than 11 inches 


2013 so far less than 2 inches total we are currently 7.9 inches below normal for the current year.  Average prior to this drought is 18-19 inches per year  


Nothing in the 1930's is even close to this......  It is a testimony for no til, gmo, CRP, irrigation and residue management that we are not sending rolling dirt storms across the corn belt with a vengence.  We certainly have the wind for it.

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