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Floor Talk March 19, 2021

At midday:

At midday, the May corn futures are 10 1/2¢ higher at $5.57 1/2. July corn futures are 7¢ higher at $5.37 1/4. New crop December corn futures are 2¢ higher at $4.70 1/4.

May soybean futures are 24 1/2¢ higher at $14.16 1/2. July soybean futures are 22 1/2¢ higher at $14.03 1/2. New crop November soybean futures are 16 1/4¢ higher at $12.22 1/2.

May wheat futures are 3¢ lower at $6.27 1/2.

May soymeal futures are $8.60 short term higher at $406.80.

May soy oil futures are $0.46 higher at 53.98¢ per pound.

In the outside markets, the NYMEX crude oil market is +1.12 higher (+1.87%) at $61.12. The U.S. dollar is higher, and the Dow Jones Industrials are 123 points lower (-0.37%) at 32,739 points.



At 8:45am:


Ag markets make a move higher Friday.


China buys U.S. corn for a FOURTH day in a row. All in four the week, China has bought over 122 million bushels of U.S. corn.


What say you?


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Re: Floor Talk March 19, 2021

Its a start.....  and corn is certainly more stable than US dollars.

In Biden terms....... corn has the support of the American public..... and the US dollar is being manipulated politically

Spend those $$$ as fast as you can and get something real for them.  might be the in the works.

Hope we can feed ourselves something with calories.



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Re: Floor Talk March 19, 2021 China trying to live up to their Trump deal?   Or just kissing Biden's ***?

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Re: Floor Talk March 19, 2021

IMO....... It is simply exchanging the pile of dollars collected for a better value commodity.

Lets just hope usda can deliver their bushels.