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Re: Floor Talk, March 29, 2018, (Report Day)

Gee wiz buddy thanks for the good advice you're so smart
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Re: Floor Talk, March 29, 2018, (Report Day)

Amen. It seems the government did exactly what the funds wanted them to do.
Heaven forbid they don't make enough money pillaging the market...
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Re: Floor Talk, March 29, 2018, (Report Day)

I agree with futurestrader92 with the caveat from John Maynard Keynes "The market can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent"
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Re: Floor Talk, March 29, 2018, (Report Day)

All I got to say is there are some sad days in my community I know of four young men in my community that are  very hard workers and take pride in there farms that will not be operating in 2019 and know they do not have new equip or vehicles you may not like foreign food but we all  will be eating it soon. We are going to loose a whole nother generation of farmers like it or not.

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Re: Floor Talk, March 29, 2018, (Report Day)

Crophugger, it is sad to lose people in ag. But history has shown that there is always someone willing to pay the rent and take over operations. Eventually it will get to the point of mega corporations hiring managers and laborers. It is just the way the economy works. Walmart takes out local grocers and retail stores. Amazon challenges Walmart and everyone else in retail.

A company like Cargill or ADM or some other new ag company will arrange their financing, partner with seed and chemical companies, and operate on an economy of scale like we cant even imagine.
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Re: Floor Talk, March 29, 2018, (Report Day)

Here is the problem futures....everyone had ""the data""...yet it did what it proven today...
Things overlooked, despite wall to wall media addition....explain how the
Grain bins keep getting more grain in
Them once sealed.

I notice your must believe we will
Have record crops....

I take it you are not act in production agriculture.

You say if we think we are so right, we need to
Be in the market....we are...the farmer with grain
Or soon to be growing assets, are long...we all
Know what last year's crop was like, we know
About livestock feeding...we know about ethanol
Production...we know about the field conditions...
So, it was our educated opinion, markets
Should have gone up.

The non logical thing happened.

How do you market, when the fundmentals are
Ignored ??

I as this....this action today bluntly shows something
Is wrong....I ask in this national and public forum
That the farm groups commission an investigation
And it be forwarded to the correct agency for action.

So Farm Bureau, National Farmers
Are now on what you was founded
For...if you are not part of the solution,
But part of the problem.

I want my money's worth...and so do most on here.

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Re: Floor Talk, March 29, 2018, (Report Day)

Been getting scam calls on the iphone for 2 weeks.... ironically today they are all out of washington DC ...... 


yesterday I was at a farm sale and the mood was about where we are now.  Smallish crowd and bargains no one wanted to take a chance on......

13 JD S670 combine ----slick and low hours(868 seperator hours) with bin extensions.... nothing to hold it back ----- sold for $ 136K  

JD 8310 tractor with MFWD with duals..... fairly low hours good tread.   NO Saled after top bid stopped at 116k.....

13 JD 612C Cornhead -== slick w low acres ready to go ..... might have brought 30K  was hung up at 29K for a while


Mood was just poor.  Guys I work with said "something should have been bought, but we're not sure what".


You know it is depressing when the crop insurance guy is getting out of farming......... He was the big land buyer a few years ago.

Now that agency is in its 4th owner in the last 8 years.


The marketing strategy now is ........ try to raise something......... as cheaply as possible.   Marketing makes absolutely no difference in corn or beans....... but things sold last week will be ok  ------ if your south enough cotton offers the best survival pricing...  If your north and have fewer choices mine your ground and extend your equipment life another year..... There will be a lot of used equipment around for some time....JD has a huge amount coming off of lease programs.  

Bayer is holding meetings with the big acre guys and offering deals to get their data for cheaper inputs-- (I am told)  --- no matter how you look at's "Please keep planting meetings"   and Congress is already starting to talk about diseaster assistance.  See how you can fit into it because it may turn out to be the theme song at usda.

Do what you can to encourage a young guy they are the ones who can live long enough to get through the fight for the future.  

It is not over.  




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Re: Floor Talk, March 29, 2018, (Report Day)

92  -  LOCK   IN   a  LO$$  -  brilliant  idea,  why  didn't  I  think  of  that  - ? 



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Re: Floor Talk, March 29, 2018, (Report Day)

SW you made me laugh when you said scam calls,
Instantly I thought it was farm bureau !!!
The latest boondoggle kfb is up to is health insurance.
A year or two our little bunch looked at this problem.
We talked to state officials, insurance companies,
Plan administration groups even advisory group
That does risk management....we talked to the
Upper crust at kfb...and went nowhere.
First..the easy thing to do would have been to
Change one small law under the dept of labor.
The law forbids selling membership to buy insurance
(( fb people....has the secy ever told you
You have to be a member to buy ??))
After that small change insurance company's
Such as BCBS could then offer group plans.
Kfb wants to start an insurance Co....without
Required to buy reinsurance ((fellows, most
Insurance Co have that)).
In addition, they will not take everyone...oh back to
Good ole days !!! They said if they didn't take them,
They could still go to ACA ((but 2 days ago Trump comes out to do away with it !!!)).
It is a mess, our plan was sound....they would not
Listen....this is a nightmare... Will not take everyone,
And has no reserves nor re-insurance....yet they
Push it.

The question is....who is making the money ??

Things are really sad anymore
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Re: Floor Talk, March 29, 2018, (Report Day)

Ya'll said it yourselves!! It's as of March 1st.... no flooding taking into account... 


I agree with ya'll acres won't get planted and stocks to use is not correct with the corn that just got contaminated all over the midwest. 

Again, I plan on getting long July futures at this level. When the market is irrational... punish it... 


Or continue to complain. BTO's are getting long this, guaranteed, to make it now you have to market better than you farm the sooner you realize that the better.  

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