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Floor Talk, March 3, 2022

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Re: Floor Talk, March 3, 2022

Certainly not as important an issue as others happening now, but........

Haven't heard too much discussion about what the potential loss of Ukraine's barley crop means.

Malted barley is a significant ingredient in a certain beverage and if that price rises......

..... the masses will get plenty mad!!

Seems like you can find a brewery in just about every town these days.

Getting back to the good ole days😊😊

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Re: Floor Talk, March 3, 2022

Keep  in  mind ,  ocean  vessel  shipping  rates ,  are  also  in  the  LIMIT  UP  gamesman  carnival  -  -  -

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Re: Floor Talk, March 3, 2022

The latest from Kyiv, Ukraine. Iurii Mykhaylov offer this update:

Ukrainians will be able to receive "cash" directly in stores.

After the start of the treacherous invasion, it became difficult for banks to collect cash in retail chains and fill ATMs with cash.  Thousands of collectors went to defend Ukraine.

Now customers of shops and gas stations will be able to come with their card, which has non-cash funds, and get "cash" in the amount of up to 6,000 hryvnia (~$200).

If one needs to withdraw more, one just repeats this operation - over and over again.  As a result, the problem was resolved on both sides.

Everyone wins:

On the one hand, chain stores do not need to collect cash from the sale of goods.

On the other hand, citizens do not need to look for ATMs, which are more and more difficult to fill with cash.


Soldiers of the Special Operations Forces reacted to the massive shelling of Ukrainian cities by Russian artillery and promised to take revenge on all the invaders.

Ukrainian Special Forces assured that from now on they would not capture Russian artillerymen. There will be no mercy, and pleas to clemency will not save.


Due to the Russian aggression, the Kernel agro-industrial group temporarily suspended grain exports from Ukraine, oilseeds processing, purchase of agricultural raw materials from other farmers, as well as logistics and infrastructure operations.

"Kernel" is the producer and exporter of sunflower oil, engaged in the production, export and domestic sales of the sunflower oil, crop production, grain exports, grain storage and transshipment services at elevators and port terminals. According to the agricultural holding, it ranks first in the world in the production of the sunflower oil (about 7% of the world production) and its export (about 12%), and is the largest producer and seller of the bottled sunflower oil in Ukraine.


Due to the military aggression of Russia The Ukrainian State Enterprise of Alcoholic Beverages Industry "Ukrspirt" declares the force majeure and will not fulfill its obligations under the contracts.


The next piece is somewhat odd. The Ministry doesn't explain what the prospects and logistics of an export are.


Ukraine is fully supplied with food grain for the year ahead. This is stated in the address of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy to the subjects of the grain market.

According to the forecast balance of supply and demand for the 2021/2022 marketing year, grain production, according to preliminary data from the State Statistics Committee, is 85.7 million tons (including 30.1 million tons of wheat). Domestic consumption - 19 million tons (including 7 million tons of wheat will be fully provided by its own harvest).



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