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Re: Floor Talk March 6

The wait is now over 60 days. Who would or could wait that long for needed supply? Brazilians can grow it, sell it fairly easily, but struggle shipping it. U.S. farmers can grow it, ship it, but find selling (marketing) it the hardest.



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Re: Floor Talk March 6

Or maybe..............they will secretly ship soybeans underwater......

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Re: Floor Talk March 6

I'm getting old and slow. I had not put that together.

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Re: Floor Talk March 6



You are right.


And other aspect is that this is not the focus of the current government. Their largest political base is in Northeast part of the country,  which is much more poor then the rest, and tons of money are being put there. Transferring money programs, infrastructure, new schools, health care, etc...


Ports would improve in efficiency if they are privatized (my opinion), as was previously announced, but it seems that here is created other conflict with other political base of the current government: union workers. It seems the union guys will create unrest if the ports are privatized.


Of course, the most obvious reason, is corruption...

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Re: Floor Talk March 6

thanks Luis,


I understand.


We have a similar issue the east and west coast are big populations with many economic problems.  The midwest takes care of itself pretty well so the same issue exists.




interesting,  I would thing the big private international companies would be able to deal with the labor issues better, having more employee choices and incentives.