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Re: Floor Talk May 17

I was curious to see what you folks thought about ethanol RIN Futures being traded.


Here's the latest from the CME Group:

CME Group Friday announced the first Ethanol Renewable Identification Number (RINs) futures contract was cleared yesterday over CME ClearPort. This trade was brokered by StarFuels Inc.

"As the most actively traded market for North American gasoline, ultra-low-sulfur diesel and ethanol futures contracts, our new RINs products make a good complement to our existing suite of services," said Gary Morsches, Managing Director Global Energy at CME Group. "We're pleased to see this first trade in Ethanol RINs, and look forward to working with customers and other market participants to offer innovative new products that help manage risk in the energy markets."



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Re: Floor Talk May 17

I think that planter must have a dust generator mounted on the back. It can't be that dry.

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Re: Floor Talk May 17

Great pic, Blacksandfarmer!!!