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Re: Floor Talk May 23

I doubt that export sales numbers represent options positions.  Wild guesses would be all we had in a report if options were involved.


What it does tell me is the new crop volume is the only one available to buy.  But whomever is filling that contract should either have or hope to have november or later beans bought.

IMO  a few exports reports like that will need to be followed by new crop futures agressively trying to buy coverage for those contracts.

Is that wrong??

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Re: Floor Talk May 23


I think your point would be valid if there were carry over supply to export in the new season---------- like back in the old days.


If there are beans to carry over our processor would like to find them.----- soon.  This year an exporter had better find a source.

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Re: Floor Talk May 23, jr the dow and all equities

generally quit in May anyway.

They take the summer OFF.


been that way for decades seasonally.


sell some in may, go away and come back to rock and roll on a Fall day.

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