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Re: Floor Talk May 26, 2021

@sw363535 Thanks for this.  Again - very helpful.


I understand keeping it close to your chest.  With how much the industry has changed, and changed away from the actual farm owners towards middlemen and conglomerates, I don't blame anyone for treating people like me that just pop up with questions with some skepticism.  But I appreciate the replies, nonetheless.

I will check out the sources you named.  I've come across Darin Newsom, but not sure I'll be subscribing to anything yet.  I'm more interested in news and reliable analysis (again of what's really happening) than I am in charts.  Maybe if there's a trial, I'll see how it goes.

Prices seem to have stabilized for now.  Funds get triggered to sell and take profit on the slightest breeze, but they'll be back.  Hope everyone has a great weekend.


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