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Re: Floor Talk May 3



The traders like me do not make any dents in the market the big FUND houses do and the BIG PLAYERS (ADM, Cargill, Bunge, Rosenthal....etc) they decide where this market is going.  Not the little trader.  Sorry but that argument does not hold much weight.  .  It is he Fund Houses and the big players that are in the same bed that can take the market any way the want.  Maybe next week we  will be up back in the mid 15 teens in beans.  Who knows. 

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Re: Floor Talk May 3

Gio, I agree with you with everything you referenced regarding market movement.  Wasn't trying to argue anything one way or the other.  My one and only point was: Everyone, and not talking strictly this site, said It is clear the USDA was unwilling to drop Corn carryout below 801 in the April report because that was the new pipeline level.  My question is now why would anyone expect the USDA to drop ending stocks next thursday.  That's all.  

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