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Re: Floor Talk May 3

Mike M,


Thanks for checking in. I knew you were out there somewhere. It's great to hear from you.



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Mike M2692830
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Re: Floor Talk May 3

I'd be lying if I said I've been too busy to post. Just haven't had much to contribute lately and most on here did a good enought job tearing apart the USDA after that ignorant report let out in March. I've noticed a few talking about the pushing the panic button with all this wet and cold weather. I would say we are a couple of weeks away from being in that mode. Most here are happy about the moisture and most around here know that they need a short week to plant a crop. Fun to do it at ones leisure like last year so this is more reality of the past. With subsoil profiles still short, the top soil will dry faster wtih sun and wind and heat. My fear this year will be planting to early in wet soils only to watch the water faucet shut off. Some of this precip(form of water) will be nice in June and July. We just don't get to decide....MikeM

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Re: Floor Talk May 3

As far as marketing, I sold some beans for this winter today and have most corn hedged. I do think the wet will hold up planting ,but our big price run up has been from low dollar value. It is steady rising and I think commodities priced in dollars will fall. I am now going back to frequent reader status

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