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Floor Talk May 31

At 11am:

At mid-session:


The markets are rallying. Soybeans are up double-digits, corn is up 6 cents and wheat is rising, as well.


One analyst sizes up today's trade by saying, "All weather all the time, except for wheat which is all gmo all the time.  The rains and prevented planting have created a lot of spec buying due to prevented planting ideas.  This will change to rain makes grain once the weather clears, hopefully next week.  But not today!  Today is all about rain makes for idle farmers!  We might peak out today, the thought has occurred to me although I am not really pushing that idea out there," he says.


Meanwhile, the International Grains Council raised its world 2013-14 corn output estimate by 6.0 million tons to 945 million tons.





At 7:30am:


USDA Weekly Export Sales Report shows corn and wheat beat expectations:


Corn=875,300 mt vs. the trade's expectations of 500,000-800,000 metric tons.

Soybeans=  648,600 mt vs. the trade's expectations of between 300,000-800,000 mt

Wheat= 764,200 mt vs. the trade's expectations of between 300,000-700,000 mts.

Soybean meal= 190,100 mt vs. the trade's expectations for 100,000-250,000 metric tons.




At 6:50am:

--Taiwan buyer cancels July shipments of U.S. corn and soybeans. Prices were too high.

--Japan buys wheat from a grocery list of countries except the U.S.

--Asian buyers look elsewhere for wheat, due to the U.S. gmo wheat case in Oregon.

--USDA's Weekly Export Sales Report to be released today at 7:30am CT.




At 6:45am:


Early calls:  Corn is seen 5-7 cents higher (old-crop), soybeans 15-17 cents higher (old-crop), and wheat 3-5 cents lower. Meanwhile, new-crop corn 2-4 cents higher and soybeans are seen 9-11 cents higher.

Overnight grain, soybean markets=Trading higher.
Crude Oil=$0.51 per barrel lower
Wall Street=Seen higher, ahead of U.S. Personal Income and Consumer Spending Reports.

World=Asia/Pacific stocks were lower and Europe's stocks are lower.




More in a minute,



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Re: Floor Talk May 31

Now the shoe should be on the other foot.  Monsanto should be prosecuted for contaminating the wheat supply and causing untold millions in losses to wheat producers.  We know, however; that will not happen.  Congress, through recently passed legislation has seen to their protection.  This country, I am said to say is bassackwards.  The interests and livelihood of wheat producers will take a backseat to government and corporate entities who are basically in bed together.  Government by the people and for the people essentially no longer exists.

Mike central IA
Veteran Contributor

Re: Floor Talk May 31

Yep, we have the best government that money can buy!

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Re: Floor Talk May 31

Exact same thing happened in rice few years ago. LL gene got inserted in seed supply. Major export markets abandoned us, price cratered. Bayer, the responsible party, was sued and settled with industry and farmers. The precedent is set. Monsanto will pay.

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Re: Floor Talk May 31

Star-link corn anyone?

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