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Honored Advisor

Re: Floor Talk, November 1, 2018

It will take a month of 30 cent moves put beans where they should be...


I can't believe the denial of farm press......... Nothin really moving the market ?????


When you can drive from central Ks to minnesota and smell the deteriorating bean crop all along the way. --- there is nothing reported....

I had to  here about it from a custom harvester today.... A twitter account  of a market analyst earlier in the week....



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Esteemed Advisor

Re: Floor Talk, November 1, 2018

Hey SW....good points but meaningless in a way.

The tip off will be basis. IF your report of decay is in fact true, basis for beans is going to tighten and tighten hard and fast in a couple of weeks. None of us have to make any decisions today, so waiting and seeing what happens will be of value.


btw....this is not just a W-belt issue...just drove to Cleveland over the weekend and there are 1,000's of acres of beans out yet, more thousands of corn...and water ponded everywhere. Harvest pressure is now we need to watch basis closely.


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