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Floor Talk November 17

At 6:05am:

--Taiwan buys 55,000 mt of Brazilian soybeans Thursday.

--Japan buys 93,276 mt of wheat for January delivery.




At 5:50am:

Early calls: Corn down 1-2 cents, soybeans 2-4 cents lower, and wheat down 1-2 cents.


Overnight grain, soybean markets=Trading lower.
Crude Oil=$0.28 lower.
Wall Street=Seen trading lower. Investors sold off yesterday. Today could  be much of the same. Rating agency Fitch says the U.S. banks are in jeopardy of having their ratings drop, due to exposure in Europe.

World Markets=Lower, as more concern builds about the European debt crisis.



More in a minute,



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Re: Floor Talk November 17

Well the bears are gonna get Thanksgiving, hopefully the Bulls have Christmas. :  )

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