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Senior Advisor

Re: Floor Talk October 23

Inrterest rates will stay low. In a consumer driven economy wheere the middle class has been pounded they will not be borrowing and betting on the future. In fact, consumers are lowering debt. Neither will corporations, until consumer activity picks up. It's the chicken and egg thing. You can't force consumers to increase debt if it threatens their well being. That meands banks and institutions will continue to engage in risky behavior to get returns. Paper shuffling can be bad for your health.


Unless and until policies are revamped  things will stay dead. Since Congress is bound and determined to have deadlock there won't be any changes until they change their attitude.

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Veteran Advisor

Re: Floor Talk October 23

Stock market drop seems like normal flow to me.  I was more surprised it had the rally it has had the last couple of weeks.  I see Apple is still over 600, so all is fine in the world.


Oil, gasoline dropping will take a little away from ethanol.  Not a bad thing. Help the economy and keep the market from going parabolic.  6 to 10 day and 8 to 14 for below temps and precp.  Will need to get below normal rain to get fall tillage and fertilizer done....who would have thought it?


If the moisture keeps coming over a bigger and bigger area, look for highs to hit in April.  Of course, it is a win win with these prices.  Sell now is still a winning hand.



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