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Veteran Advisor

Re: Floor Talk September 14

So, not all midwest droughts start in the SE U.S.  LA NINA chances up to 62%.   Cat is out of the bag, to many combine reports.  With social media, don't have to wait until November this year to get market adjustment.  Lower yields dry up selling very, very quickly.  already happening.  Many can handle this crop in the bins with room to spare. Pretty sure enduser didn't come into this fall with a lot on the books, but carryover 2016 crop will help them out for a while.

Like a blast furnace here in s. central Iowa(91 and 30% humidity and windy) the next three days, corn stocks are turning white. Soybeans are raising the white flag as well.  Not a year for late beans, hopefully the early maturities have held together some better. Beans aren't going to tie up bin space this year.  Sure hope this is not just the beginning of a dry spell instead of the end.


Just don't think there are enough garden spots this year.