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Honored Advisor

And HOBBY --- our getting older friend--- age I mean

I been avoiding ya,  


Cause three floods in three weeks should happen to noone. I don't know how you could have had a worse year than me but you did it, with flair, or flare, or a wiggle, what a mess---------- and sw got less than three inches in that three weeks, but the dribbles keep coming and we are planting wheat like -- the seed ain't worth nothin' anyway. 🙂    Possibly the best subsoil (near 2 ft) moisture and surface conditions we have seen in several years.  Since we got no cover from the last three wheat crop failures, the song is plant, plant, plant.  Drilling wheat into moisture may not work but it is a fun change. ------- and it has me feeling a little guilty at what seems like your expense.



I wish we could force all the experts to walk the corn ahead of your machine to pick the wood, mud and snakes out---and find the wash holes----- so the gigantic/bigger than bigger crop predictions can be realized.  Especially the ones with tenure.



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