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BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: Floor Talk September 17

We are is a hole so deep that we can`t get out, not many are willing to accept that yet and probably good for them.  They can`t do anything about it anyway might as well enjoy the party before the punchbowl is taken away.  


But, promising more entitlements...(what $100 Trillion in unfunded mandates aren`t enough???) and people who don`t make enough to pay income tax, still vote (absentee of course ...can`t miss that Ellen Show ya know!).


The President`s hail Mary pass is to cut corporate taxes to bring back that off shore money and to lower the trade deficit.  Gainfully employing more people (gainfully, the operative word) is the long shot, it won`t work, because odds are he may not even be a one-termer after November 6th elections. 


China could fix this (or maybe they are so hardup that they really can`t, only thing keeping them afloat was massively taking advantage of us?)    But, seems to me if China came to the table and agreed to buy all their needs of pork and soybeans...since that`s all we export to them and are so gracious as to take their over-priced IPhones and assorted Walmart crap.   They could at least make it look like they are ethical parties to the deal. 


But by far the reason grain prices are in the toilet is all those cocky clowns on social media claiming "best crop ever by 20 bushel!!!!" not saying they aren`t telling the truth, but law of supply & demand.

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