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Re: Floor Talk September 2

Thanks for the continued updates, Marketeye.

No grief from here, I know you are just the messenger.  In fact, I find it good to hear the 'message', even if I think it is wrong.  For example, hearing about the mentality that drives the market, got me to sell half of last year's crop for over $4, and 1/3 of next year's.  In my mind, I felt the market 'should' have gone higher than it did, but knowing that the 'experts' were thinking it was getting overbought, got me to pull the trigger, rather than waiting, having the price fall, and then not knowing what to do.  I can't say I made a great profit, but at least I don't think I sold for a loss.

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Re: Floor Talk September 2



Thanks. I needed that. I appreciate you sharing your kind words. But, also, I appreciate you sharing your grain marketing thoughts. That's really what this board is supposed to be about anyway. Fwiw, a southeast Indiana farmer reported 10%-15% lower soybean yields that he just harvested vs. what he expected. He was disappointed because his beans had not had the water damage that others had, in that area.




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