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Re: Floor Talk September 6

I've heard this talk about record crop production out of South America for the past 3 years now.  Are the crops getting bigger, sure, but They have never came up to meet expectations.   One side says dry down there now, the next says good planting conditions. 

Then there is talk of La Nina ending.  Is that possible, I hope not yet,  No cattlemen needs snow up to their hip this year.

I'm not 100% sold on this weather forecast anymore any,  I think there are forces at work beyond the normal that we can see.  Sun spot activity has a lot to do with our weather in my opinion.  I have done some checking and the 1970's where on the drier side and the sun spot activity was higher then as well, similar to what it is now.   
Weather for next year will be unsettled.  


Does the trade think this way as well or I'm I hanging on my a finger nail here? 


Whoever (China or Mexico) is buying corn is sure we'll see higher prices, OR they are concerned about not having supplies available.   and are trying to secure supplies


We are not ready for $4 corn just yet.  Gives us until 2014 and we'll see.


I'll calling for $6 plus on corn through 2013.  


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Re: Floor Talk September 6

i've also read about how the sunspot thing effects our weather, highyields.

also read about our solar system's position in the galaxy is at some sort of axis node that we only hit every 13,000 yrs - takes us 26,000 yrs to revolve around galaxy - reason for ALL the events around the globe - hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, heat/precip extremes, etc.



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Re: $4 corn again, yes

perhaps if your a dreamer.


4 left the building long ago. 

new building now, it'll likely never be back.

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