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Re: Floor talk September 13

Eddyville dumped 90,000 new crop corn on Monday 9-12


moisture at 20.8% and test weight was 56.15


appears we will have a pretty high quality crop....expect test weight to gain another 1-1.5 pound over next couple of weeks...


nothing has glowed under the blacklight....even nicer!

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Re: Mike.......

im in nebraska and our beans are still green and milk line is only half or less down on corn.  Everyone here is still irrigating so a frost would be devastating,  joking with some guys at HHD today about shutting down pivots tomm night so they dont collapse from ice.  If we miss the frost I would guess I have some 250 bu corn,  if we get frost, I dont know, beans would be really,really bad, and we got planted on time.

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