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? For palouser

 First off, i look forward to your comments on wheat, I find it helpful on marketing wheat. Do you think that wheat is starting to trade on its own instead of following corn? To me it looked that way today. Iam sitting on most of my spring wheat and I think iam going to let this protein play out for awhile, I have got mostly 14 to 15s pro. Thanks.

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Re: ? For palouser

If you have that high of protein then I think you are in the best position of any wheat situation, period. I don't usually follow the premiums for hi pro and don't know what they are now, but i think there is little 14-15% hi pro around the world. I would think that yours should be highly desired for blending with lower protein and the financial incentive for end users should be good. That's my impression. I'd have to do more study to have a better idea.


The calculation is - will any price drops negate premiums? At the hi pro end i would think you stand a good chance of being quite safe.


Again, I'm not well versed in the premium trends as I grow soft white and HRS around here struggles to get up to 14% under the best of conditions for HRS.

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