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Re: Forrest secy ?

Butz...........Smiley Happy


There were way more than one, Hobby.  


----But most Secretaries of Ag have been political animals or just filling in a spot.  Butz is one of the rare exceptions that got very pro active... Active in the Russian wheat buy that made the early 70's look I remember.... and visionary about the future of ag.  Seemed to know the farm kids were not going back home... was some what favorable to different ownership models in production, etc


Interesting to this time is some comments I once read on Ike's appointment Ezra Benson.(from material I got once at the Ike Museum)....  It was an appointment that was odd and very anti subsidies.  If you go back to find an appointment that is out of the box thinking that might be one you find. Maybe not so our of the box for the time.  Ike as I remember, only had about 10 appointments which included Postmaster General...  

He appointed Morman Benson. a journalist, and a democrat. in those other 9.

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