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Forum Format

I can not get used to the new format


I spend more time looking through a bunch of goobly **bleep** trying to find what I want


Might be okay if you comfortable with all the features


But for a simple minded soul like me


I can not find what I want and just get lost


I went to the home page and could not find this page


Sometimes I can't even find the home page


All I found was market eye and a bunch of news items, some folks bragging about their great looking corn pics etc .


I don't care what your farm or machinery looks like


Post a balance sheet along side, if you so proud and say you did it all by yourself, from scratch, no outside help and under the age of 70


I can see all I want on youtube-this should not become another youtube


Market eye is good, but I want to read and find the regular posters


Sadly, most of them are gone - where did Kinsman etc. go???






If I need a manual to read, in order to use the forum, then it is too complicated, for me


Who reads the operators manual, anyway


Only if the danged thing won't work

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Re: Forum Format

I agree.  Most of us use the internet because we have to, and not because we enjoy tinkering with computers.  We don't have the latest, fastest and updated equipment because we only use it an hour or so a day.  The valedictorians who changed the format have newer equipment they use all day and enjoy changing things because they now have justified their jobs and they love to play with these things. 


I see improvement as speeding things up, not slowing things down.  They ruined a good thing.  I'm trying to get used to this using older equipment but everything seems slower. 

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Re: Forum Format

Hi guys.

Actually, the only thing that justifies my job is giving visitors like you tools they can use and find good information on. Clearly, that's not happening right now for you, and it's my job to help figure out ways to improve things here.


Let me say that again: We absolutely want you guys here, and finding good information while talking to one another.


I would greatly appreciate any specific explanations of what exactly about the new format that's not working well for you. While we can't change everything overnight, we do hope to find changes that make this work better for you folks.


One of the common concerns I'm noticing is that people indicate things are slow. centralillinois, you mention "slowing things down." It turns out, that can mean a bunch of different things, and we're trying to understand what people mean by "slow" so we can address it.


For example, here are things we've heard from other users when they say "slow." I'd be very curious if you can identify any of these, or possibly add your own thoughts:


  • Rural users tend to have slower Internet connections, so "slow" means the pages just take forever to load. (More than, say, 10-15 seconds.)
  • visitors are very used to the old format, which had a small "pop-up" window for replies. They could then click "Next" to read all the replies very quickly. Now, reading each reply requires the whole darn page to load every time.
  • There just are fewer posters, so the Talk groups are "slow," meaning that there just aren't new posts from people.
  • Something else?


One more question: Early on, we switched the Marketing forum to list as a "linear" view. This lists all the topics without all those indented replies. And, when you read a thread, it shows replies in a stack, rather than as a "tree" of indented replies to click on.


Did you find this helpful, or did you not care for that? And, did you know you can change your own settings for that? I can show you how, if you're interested.





P.S. Oh! I welcome replies from others as well about problems they're having with the new format. Should have said that.


P. P.S. I was a salutatorian! Smiley Tongue

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Re:Hi Matt

Just a comment.

Some things are better and of course we all have something we liked about the old way that just is not here or not working the way it did before.

One thing I am disappointed in is the 'tree' format for following a thread. Works great for about 5 posts then just lines up.

I have set everything to 'linear' and just try to follow threads with in threads as best I can.

It does help when the poster changes the heading as a thread takes a different tack then you can follow that until it is changed again.

It all gets easier as I use it more.

So now you have something to do to keep you employed for a little while longer and I should get out and watch the land dry out, again!

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Re: Forum Format

I don't mind the look of the new format or some of the added features.  What I don't like is when you click on a topic and have to scroll through all the replies.  You also cannot tell who is responding to who.  I thought the old format was much better.  You could pick and choose replies to read and they were indented so you knew who was talking to who.  I think if you change that format back to that you will see alot more people post their comments/thoughts.


Also where did all the old posts go?  I had a few bookmarked but now the links just bring me to the main Community page.  Also that "Click here" for "Looking for your posts on the older forum?"  doesn't do anything but refresh the main Community page.

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Re: Forum Format

I will start with 2 things


At the top of this box I am using for my reply is a whole line if individual somethings that I have no idea what they do, how to use  and don't have anybody to teach me how to learn. Asking and learning over the format for every individual poster would be ridiculous


I can not read who the poster is. The name is squeezed up in the top left corner and my eyes can not read that small print. There does seem to be room for something else, under the name, but I need to find my glasses to find out what it is

I can find names/handles in the main list of posters, but why use this space for something I can't read? I am getting tired of somebody's back side. And I don't see where the value of that dog is for marketing, if I am seeing things correctly

Put your pictures on youtube, or crops section, or houehold pets or wherever they belong

Is a picture of our grain handling and drying system going to help anybody do a better job of marketing their crop??? when so many do it differently. That goes in some other place, but please, not a picture of a dog, in every post. I don't even like the looks of that dog. Bet it is an ankle bitter [That how you spell it, spell check didn't say otherwise]  I wonder if is right spelling, or anybody really care


Maybe I am getting too old to learn something new,[let somebody else post] but I can run or understand all the computer read out info and settings in today's machinery, and keep adding, as we find out what works for us, or the budget can stand. And we do use it to make decisions, not just for looks or something interesting to watch. 

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zman343: How to avoid scrolling through replies

Hello zman343,

There are 2 ways to view the forums. You can choose which way you want to view the boards, actually. I'll explain that below.

What you describe is the "Linear view." That's the way the Marketing forum is set up now by default. The linear view has 2 main features:

1) On the main Marketing board, it lists only the topics. It doesn't show any replies to topics. It tends to make it easier to see what all the separate threads are in Marketing.
2) When you click into a thread, it just lists all the replies in a big stack, and you scroll through them to read replies.

However, that all the other forums here are set up the OTHER way, which is called "Topic view." Topic view has 2 main features as well:

1) On the main board (for example, Crop Talk), it lists the most recent topics as well as the replies in a topic. So, you will see a thread, and then all it's replies, and then below that another thread with its replies, and so on.

2) When you click a post or reply on the main forum, you will go to a page that displays that post's text. But, below the text is the "Tree" of replies that you can click on as well.


It sounds like you would prefer to see "Topic" view, so you can see who's replying to whom more easily. Here's how:


1) Go to the Marketing talk main page.

2) Look for a link near the top-left that reads "Board Options" (it has a little upsidedown triangle next to it). Click it.

3) On the list of options you see there, click on "List by Topics".


That's it! This actually changes your settings for ALL our forums so that you now see the Topic view with indented replies.


Lastly, the old posts are no longer accessible. We did have them available for a little over 3 weeks, alerting folks that the old forums would be closed. You're exactly right that those links on the top of the new forum aren't working. I'll remove those today.

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Re: zman343: How to avoid scrolling through replies

What I would like is for the main page to be in Linear format.  That way I can see all the different messages without the replies.  I don't like topic format on the main page because threads with a bunch of replies take up the whole page.  When I click on a particular message I would then like it to be in Topic format so I can see who replied and to whom they replied to.  Basically as close to the format of the old forum as possible.

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Re: zman343: How to avoid scrolling through replies

zman343, thanks for the clarification. Currently, the option you describe is not available. It's either one way or the other. It can't be a mix of linear-then-topic views. We have discussed this option (we'd prefer it too!), and the forum software simply doesn't work that way.


We haven't forgotten the option, and would love to make it work down the road. Right now, however, it's not possible.

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Re: Forum Format

just copy the old format and quit trying to reinvent the wheel.

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