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Four More April Storms

I know that many believe the China, U.S. trade talks are already built into the market. And now, it's a weather-driven market, mainly due to the planting season.


Well, do you think the market has baked in the fact that four more storms are supposed to hit, before May?


Full story:  Four More Storms To Close Out April



What say you?






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Re: Four More April Storms

Ha, I don’t think they have the last four baked into the market yet. Are we supposed to assume anything would change for the next four ? Highly unlikely. As for the China deal or (lack there of). I’m very concerned after a year with zero progress. No relief in site for 2019 crops for trade deal or weather. Should be an automatic decision come 2020 elections, at least for farmers. # Sanders
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Re: Four More April Storms


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just plant some in May and June

The market is going to act a lot different once the reality of say a 144 bu national avg yield sinks in.


the good ole days of big yields and cheap corn might be Over.


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Re: just plant some in May and June

I don't see any reason to assume good yields are over.  What's the reference?


We might all end up following the funds if the markets continue as they have.  What reason is there for markets to go up?  Demand?  Cattle storm deaths, African Swine Fever in many parts of the world.  Less supply?  With more planting in SA, Europe?  Where will it be used?


Of course we'll have some volatility in the markets and local basis response, but at the BOT level there's not much to make one really optimistic.



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