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Re: Saturday night worse....29F predicted now

Pecan pie is the best.  If it tasted any better it would be against the law.  A notch better than Hobbie's Raspberry pie.Smiley Wink

Temp dropped from a high of 65* to 51* now at 2PM.  Had .2" of rain.

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Re: Friday night frost?

We need to cross a pecan pie with a strawberry
Pie and coconut pie
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Re: Friday night frost?

Don't underrate a wild gathered raspberry pie.


Of course that rhubarb/strawberry pie the other day was just as good in its own way.

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It's Here....29F

20 miles west of Mankato MN...5Am....29F on my thermometer,

and frost on the outside of my house windows.


If tomorrow night is colder, won't be good. Lots of corn out of the 

ground, and a fair amount of soybeans.