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Friday's CFTC Report

It shows:


The producers are net short corn, after this week, by 231,583 contracts. They added 9,369 long contracts and added 309 short contracts.

Managed money investors are net short corn by 1118,449 contracts. They cut their long positions by 11,379 contracts while adding to their short position by 21,488.


Producers/Commercials are net short the market by 66,573 contracts. they added 28,166 long positions while adding 7,473 short positions.

Managed money is now net short soybeans by 114,250 contracts. The outside investors added to their shorts by 9,950 contracts and cut their long positions by 2,582. This is the most short the soybean market managed money investors have been all year.


What say you?



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Re: Friday's CFTC Report

I say that the grain traders will only go kicking and screaming when it comes to raising the grain prices.