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From Successful Farming-Brasil

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Here's an update on increased exports from the Port of Parangua.


Despite the rain, 2.07 million tons were exported in October and November

The export corridor from the Port of Paranaguá recorded a total of 2.07 million tons exported in October and November, a volume 9.9% higher than in the same period last year. Despite the rain, the result is encouraging because it is three times more than last year.

The Secretary for Infrastructure and Logistics, Jose Richa Son, recalled that the Government invests heavily in the modernization of the Port of Paranaguá to increase productivity. "We have invested R $ 511 million in new equipment and new logistical modeling to load faster during periods without rain. Ie we can not control the rain, but we are working more and better in the days without rain, "says Richa Son.

Rain or drizzle prevents the grain shipment through the Port of Paranaguá. As the operation of this type of merchandise is made in the open, to any signs of precipitation, the flow has to be stopped. "The volume of shipment made during the period shows that our productivity has increased considerably," says the Management president director of Paranaguá and Antonina (APPA), Luiz Henrique Dividino.

Year to date, January to November, the port had to shut down its operations in 98 days, 47% more than last year, when it stood at 67 days. Even so, the export corridor has shipped 14.9 million tons in 2015, 8% more than recorded from January to November last year.

"We have dammed charge to beat the historical record of the complex and exceed 16 million tons. We rely just, more sunny days, "says Dividino. To date it was shipped 7.4 million tons of soybeans, which means an increase of 15% compared to last year, and 2.8 million tons of maize, an increase of 6.7%.

For December, the port already has the sufficient power terminals to load 18 ships of the line-up and waiting for loading in the field, carrying grains to the other 22 ships waiting off the Paranaguá Bay.




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Re: From Successful Farming-Brasil

Successful Farming-Brasil reports higher corn prices, due to increased exports.


The grain shipments totaled 4.76 million tons in November, almost 60% higher than the same period 2014

In most regions, corn prices rose again last week. The momentum is once again given by heating in exports, which raise prices at ports and influence the rise in prices. Segudo the Center for Advanced Studies in Applied Economics (Cepea), between November 27 and December 4, the Esalq Indicator / BM & FBovespa (Campinas-SP) rose 2.6%, closing at R $ 34.09 per bag of 60 kg on Friday (04/11).
According to the Bureau of Foreign Trade (Secex), Brazilian corn exports totaled 4.76 million tons in November, almost 60% more than in November last year. For the full year, shipments were 22.65 million tons, 30% more than in the same period last year.





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