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From golden boy to whipping boy.............

Grains had a nice run for the last decade.  


Looks like headwinds for the next few years, but who knows?  A lot of things can change in a hurry.  If you are convinced these USDA numbers are in error, hold crops and wait for the trade to catch up to the mistake.  The low prices will cause increased demand and end users will burn through this crop like crap through a goose.  Or better yet, walk the crop to town.


When the USDA is caught with their pants down, you can take your profits.  If you can last that long.........


This is a quadruple whammy, btw.  1)  Ethanol mandate on the rubbish heap.  2)  Strong dollar/Fed constantly playing chicken with the market.  3)  Devalued yuan yesterday (and probably again soon)  4)  Bigger than expected yield estimates.


It's been a long time since producers faced all of these headwinds at once.  Last time grains seemed this bearish, Jimmy Carter was president.

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Re: From golden boy to whipping boy.............

Did you sleep thru the 80s, 90s, and 2000s?

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