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From the MO. parlor pit A PSA

Today I want to stand in solidarity with all my cash croper farmer ER mean grower friends.  I know the markets suck yea I hear some are even afraid that they may not be able to afford Mountain Dew. the shame of it. SO I am thinking that you guys need to protest.


Thats right really bring awareness to your plight!


Now Right now in europe my european brothers in the dairy industry are really having it handed to them. Now say what ya want about those socialist friends of ours over there they know how to protest. SO I thought I would share this promotional video of a really commited protest in England.



Two cows were herded through the aisles of supermarket as part of a protest over how much diary farmers are paid for the milk they produce.

Police were called the store at around 12.30pm on Sunday in Queensway, Stafford after the heifers were accompanied by around 70 protesters.

In a video posted online of the protest, one of the campaigners said: "This milk should not be cheaper than a bottle of water."

It is the latest in a number of protests that have taken place around the country with farmers saying the price they are paid for milk is unsustainable.

Other actions have seen farmers clear supermarket shelves of milk, in what is being called the Milk Trolley Challenge.

Farmers say they need to be paid at least 30p a litre of milk to cover their costs, but they were paid an average 23.66p in June according to British dairy organisation AHDB Dairy.

And Arla, Britain's biggest milk co-operative, has announced a price cut of 0.8p per litre - taking the standard litre price to 23.01p for its UK members.

A spokesman for Staffordshire Police said: "Officers were in attendance to ensure that the protest remained peaceful and minimal disruption is caused to the general public."

The police left the scene at 1.50pm.


I recomend that you guys take your grain to a major metropolitan area and pile it in the streets let em know how tough it is in the country. Don't think that putting it in Woden will be enough of a statement they already have seen that!  I think you already missed your chance in North Iowa shoulda been in front of the surf in Clear Lake last night!


But none the less the fellows in this little video from England made there point. Maybe they just remebered the Boston Tea Party?


Have a good day guys. It could be worse the feds could be looking at YOUR e mails!



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