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From the MO. parlor pit

Well I thought I would bring back this from time to time.  I get some news from around the world in my e mail about dairy around the world.  The KIWI's are complaining about china to.


The interesting part is in the comments.  The comment from a consumer Below sums up what many Americans are thinking. Many a household are trying to come to grips with rising food costs. $45,000 is no longer a very good salary for the average american. It's taking more much more just to keep up with costs of livimg.


Always remeber that while china is a force they are not the force the american consumer is.


BE Safe.


righton14 hours ago
When will the lower priced pure NZ milk hit the shelves. NZ consumers are told to suck it up when world prices rise. Currently families are turning to milk powder and lowering consumption to reduce the cost. If you want to protect your NZ demand keep milk as a basic product alternative - prices should fall in relation to the world market as well as rise. Otherwise people will turn to alternatives and they do exist. Its a difficult time for farmers. It is and has been a difficult time for some consumers. Isn't this supposed to be our brighter future.
Coaster6716 hours ago
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Re: From the MO. parlor pit

Jr.......Any pics of your  "New" farm and land.?????? 




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Re: From the MO. parlor pit

Kill the fatted calf, the prodigal has returned.

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Re: From the MO. parlor pit

Nice to see you back Jr.

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