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From the Parlor pit 6-15

Well there is this big shinny orange ball in the eastern sky this morning. Should I be concerned? We got an inch of rain in the last 24 hours.  I think I can go fishing in the corn fields this morning.

That's right folks here it is our leaders newest plan.

Full of subsidies and Protection for you the beleaguered dairyfarmer.

The Main leg of this milk stool is the Margin insurance program. It is based off the cost of feed.

In the future, the solvency of dairy farms will depend more on margins (the difference between milk prices and feed costs) than just the milk price alone.

This is a direct quote from the document. Now guys how stupid of a statement is this.  Our viability has never been based off milk price alone it has always been based off our cost of production. 

I hope you will read through the document I personally have only gotten through the first 20 pages of this 41 page document. Part of my reason for only getting through that much is I was going to start throwing things at my computer if I didn't quite reading it.

I am a free market guy I make no bones about it. I certainly came to the table to feast on this buffet of ignorance with that bias. I make no bones about that.  I hope others will read the article as well. Give me your feedback on it an open and honest discussion of the merits of the plan will benefit us all. I will discuss other parts of the plan this week I hope you will offer your thoughts as well.

To you cropper guys you should read it as well cause we will be inline at the FSA office with you trying to understand another program that is going to cost way more than initially thought and at that same time compete with you for funding dollars.

 Now on to the most important topic of the day My son Jeff turns 15 today He is a real blessing and I hate to admit it is actually an inch taller than me now.





















Here is a pic of him from this spring while we were mowing hay this spring. He is the main haymower on the farm.  These farm kids are head and shoulders above their off farm counterparts. For all our complaining I still think a farm with livestock is the best place for a kid to grow up. JR

Oh yea the markets will go up or down today I got no idea which. JR

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Re: From the Parlor pit 6-15

good job JR! windrowing at the end of march. thats some kind of program. and yes you cant beat farm life even if you dont have kids and or prices are in the tank(temporarily) success to you! d7

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Re: From the Parlor pit 6-15

Well thanks D7!Smiley Very Happy

I know it's hard to believe but I am not very computer savy. Thanks for reading and actually that pic was taken 5-13-10 JR

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Re: From the Parlor pit 6-15

Great picture there JR.  I am glad that you are so proud of your son.  My father and I always used to butt heads, but I tell you I worked like a dog for him anyway.   We got to butting heads pretty hard when I was in my early 20s.  I was full of ambitions and he was growing older, and going through his second divorce and dealing with heath problems.  I winded up going out on my own to dairy.  We just couldn't get along, mostly because he resisted taking me into the business.  Now I realize that I should have not been angry at him for that.  He gave me so much, and as an adult it was time for me to make my own way.  After I grew more mature and he mellowed out after going through a life crisis, he kind of opened up to me a little bit. just a little bit though.  One day I was helping him fix a complicated electrical problem on the combine. He was never very good with stuff like that , but I was.  I found the pinched wire that was causing the intermittent problem, we where cleaning up and he started to open up to me.  He told me  that had I not  turned out to be such a great son his life would have been deemed worthless, and that's what helped him get through his crisis, which I might as well tell you was a bout with alcoholism.   That was the end of the conversation.  He did not want to talk anymore and I think it took a lot out of him to say that.  That was the first time my father every said anything like that to me.


That following fathers day , I got him a card and wrote in it that every thing I know I learned from him.  That was the first time I ever got him a fathers day card.  It was kind of strange giving it to him. But now I get him one every year.


JAR, make sure you tell your son how proud you are of him.  And make sure he knows where he got it from. YOU!!

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