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Veteran Advisor

From the Parlor pit 7-27

AH yes Marketeye, Ragbrai.  It ridin right thru our town this morning. Milk truck driver said it was a real bear gettin in here this morning. We are going up to Wesely to watch those bikes come thru town.

For this morning I want to say I have changed my mind. On the corn crop that is. I went out and checked some fields yesterday. All the ears I pulled regardless of variety were 18 kernel rows around. The 114 day stuff is the longest at 50 but the grain hybrids were all 42 or 44. That is some awesome corn. With the heat and the rain I think silage could be the last week of august for the early varieties.

I still see no reason to price milk. What I am currently investigating is possibilities for the first half of '11. 

With butter inventories at a 5 year low and the major demand season ahead of us I think we have a floor under us.  I am looking for an opportunity to lock in an 18 dollar floor. Greedy? maybe but I think that corn will still start with a 4 after nov. and beans at 10 don't make for much profit at 16 dollar milk. Be safe JR

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