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Re: From the floor April 8

Marketeye, and in their defense I guess it is easy to be predicting limit moves in a year where we have already had a record number of them.

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Re: From the floor April 8

I wish I had the link to an article I read a week ago.  It said that if crude reached 140, corn would be justified in going to 11.25.  Seemed kind of a stretch to me....since everyone is talking about whether ethanol plants will shut down this summer to avoid paying 8.


Could be an ugly surprise for a farmer that is planning on delivering grain next week if the government is shut down.  If that grain is under loan and he is planning an redeeming isn't going to happen if there is a shutdown.   So grain under loan will not accessible....

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Re: From the floor April 8

The soil temperature at 9:30 yesterday morning was 40 degrees.  I saw one planter moving this week between route 80 and Bloomington and this guy is not the one you want to follow to the field.  Yesterday I drove from one hour north of Bloomington to an hour south and never saw a planter moving but did see a number of fertilizer spreaders and field cultivators moving.  We had between  a half inch and an inch of rain last night so you won't see many planters running.  If the weather warms up and we miss the next few rains by this time next week the majority of farmers will be planting.  I wouldn't be suprised if more corn is planted in this neck of the woods.  We had enough time to apply fertilizer and perform as much fall tillage as needed last year.  A lot of cornstalks were tilled which could go back to corn without much trouble.  Any seed corn dealers out there seeing any demand for more corn?  

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Re: From the floor April 8


 Hey  Mike ,thanks for all you do .it is great information,and look forward to your  reports every day.   As far a my coment early, it was time to sell what ever the market did today .   Target was met so done ,and on to the next.   {soybeans }   corn is long  gone.  After the report this morning , I sure though beans would lose a lot today ,and lately after a big lose .it took a while to get back.  So doin.t sweat it .  Have a great weekend and will  be here monday morning.     Stan




    Its never to late to follow your Dream......... Flordia from  Nov 1  to  March 31..............

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tree fmr

Re: From the floor April 8

Marketeye, I am checking in using internet while at sea.  Technology has come a long way since I joined the Navy in 1989!  Use to wait until a port call or a supply ship would pick up and drop off the "snail mail", now we have daily contact thru web sites and email.  Your reports sure help with the marketing side of my crop share lease.

Thank you,

tree farmer

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