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Senior Advisor

Re: From the floor August 23

I just took a trip through N.E Indiana around Ft. Wayne. It all looked very dry. I seen a couple fields of corn that may be outyielded by the soybeans in an area that typically produces 150+ bu corn.

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Re: From the floor August 23

Isn't that amazing, I'm probably only 100 miles east of Ft. Wayne and we've had so much water here in August a guy can't hardly dig a tile ditch without it filling with water. I was in Wauseon the other week..(65 miles NW of me) and they had some pretty good looking crops..albeit they're all a little late. What do they say in real estate?..Location, Location, Location???...

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Veteran Advisor

Re: From the floor August 23

Farmers in McLean County, IL are scratching their heads over the spotty rain that fell yesterday. The latest reports are that some received it and others didn't. And those crops need it. Anybody in central Illinois have an update on rain totals?



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