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Re: From the floor July 6

Well...maybe I should qualify that Gored...we had rain about every other day for 2 months at the start of this thing..and now the corn is curling..the lawns are dormant...and there really isn't any relief in the forcast that I can see. I'm starting to wonder if anyone is going to harvest any corn in Oct. or Nov. too....LOL

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Re: From the floor July 6

Pup I hear ya on the dry crops. About half my counties corn looks great from the last hit and miss rains that past through here Saturday and the other half (my half) is looking pretty thirsty. USDA better be hopping Iowa and Illinois have a bumper crop this year or these new sales might be hard to meet. It looks like we may have a better shot at rain next week. It seems like we get most of our good heavy rains when they come out of the south and with the current weather pattern we seem to be cut off from that moisture.

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Re: From the floor July 6

I just read on another site of 75 over the Sep in Ohio and I was wonder if that was true or not.   There is SOME corn in Nebraska, the local coop is down to the sweeps in there bins, I'm in eastern nebraska, dont' know what its like out in the western part of the state.  The local river terminal was shipping theirs to Amarillo, they also have a elevator down there.  

The bad thing about basis is it can change in a matter of minutes. 




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Re: From the floor July 6

The inference  you make is that a price drop instigated by paper is related to physical rather than just paper market behavior.


Yes, I know that I keep harping on this, but there is a reason. In any case, farmer's behavior in selling physical can be at odds with trader's dynamics - which adds a whole new tension to the market.


Just sayin'.

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