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Veteran Advisor

From the floor May 12

At 6:30am:
Early calls: Corn up 4-6 cents, soybeans up 1-2 cents, and wheat up 3-5 cents.  
Overnight grain=Trading higher.
Crude oil=Trading $0.30 lower.
U.S. Dollar=Trading lower.
World Markets=Higher.
Wall Street=Seen opening higher, after investors turn their attention to the improving U.S. economy and away from Europe's financial crisis. There will be a lot of economic-related reports this week released. One of which will be the jobless claims report. Just scouring the wires this morning, I see the Europeans are getting nervous about the euro and investing in gold. An international energy organization is reporting the world has a glut of crude oil, due to weakening demand. Also, it's being reported that a hurricane could worsen the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.
More in a minute,