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Re: From the floor May 5

Docharing, I am never shocked if I am wrong.  Luckily they don't kick anyone off this forum for opinions that prove to be incorrect.  I sometimes use this forum to tests my marketing plans and see where they don't hold water.  So fire away.  So do you disagree with my predictions that  prices have a floor here even with good planting progress in the Western corn belt?


But, like a true politician, I did find one post that I got right back in the end of March.  I could also give you a list of things I would like a do over on...but there is a limit to the size of a post.



It all depends on the weather.  Have about three inches of snow on the ground here this morning(it is still March), should be gone by later today.  Subsoil moisture much lower here than last spring.  Warmer temps(not yet in the forecast) would have field work starting a few days after. With so much fall tillage much easier for more corn to be planted.  So I think you can make the case for more acres to go to corn in IA.  Just remember, c-c usually lowers overall yield, especially first year c-c. Today's farmers can plant a crop so fast it can make your head spin,  with the challenging wet springs we have have to be oversized on equipment, the window is just so small many years.

The weather guru's are making a case for a wet spring in MO, SO IL, IN, OH, PA, TN, & KY.  Dry in KS, NE, IA, NIL OK, TX, CO.  The Dakota's and MN look cool and wet thru May.  So it all depends what happens end of June thru Aug.  Same old same old.    If I knew....I wouldn't be telling.

So. IA

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