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From the parl;or pit 8-27

Corn harvest has started in north Iowa!  Ok well corn SilageHarvest has begun.  So I thought I would take a minute and do an early morning pit post. Mostly a lot of cut and paste here.

AN intersting article on Recession proff farming in the UK by Phil Clark.  I really like this guy as he brings up a good view from a country that is very closley tied to the EU yet has some independence

Did you read that line about organic consumption very interesting.  Also as he points out most of the studies we do can only study the time before and up to the tine of the commisioning of the study.  As we know the world changes pretty fast and studies from a few months ago can be obsolete before they are realeased. 

In the comments section Jon Hauser points out that the broad statement of Phil's might be true yet there have been sectors of the Ag sector that have been adversely affected by the worlds belt tightening. Dairy being the one that comes to the top of his mind (mine too),

John has a very intersting blog from down under He focusses well on the fontera co-ops operations and how they are doing in the world.

Here is a link to his blog/ articles.

Here is an intersting paragraph from this weeks news letter

Fonterra reports that it is able to meet its predicted payout of $6.90 to $7.10 per kg of milksolids. The payout settles to about $850,000 on an average production farm. Fonterra has also set a new record for exports, sending away more than 2 million metric tonnes of products over the last year. Trade surplus from a year to June reached NZ$639 million. Fonterra attributes the strong exports to developing markets in Asia and in particular, China.

SO NZ has had a record year and yet the experts over here decry the fact that the last three auctions have been lower than the previous ones.  Which tells me that we are still priced over the world market.

Oh BTW that is OK with me.  Most NZ dairies are trying to figure out how to make it even with their low cost of production.

Also of interest from this blog:

On the French front farmers have managed a 10% wholesale price hike with one of the main dairy processors. French unions have set a deadline of Friday for other processors to meet the price increase. Negotiations have seen agreement on the creation of a monitoring body to check the price difference between German and French dairy.

Looks like frenchy dairyfarmers have found their backbone and are taking it to the man! 

Well I wonder if there will be a milk dump again?

The first thought I had when I saw this a year ago was man did that stink the next day!

The second visual image I had was of all the cats drunk on milk laying around the edge of the field sleeping off the biggest milk gorge they had ever had! LOL

Well on to the markets.  Butter is still thru the roof it is finally hauling blocks up with it.  What worries me is the fact that next year futures are going down!  Keep looking ahead.


I have been experimenting with taking video if I can do it and get it uploaded on here I will try a from the parlor pit production of chopping corn silage next week.   Don;t hold your breath I can rebuild a gear box with 16 gears and a bazillion spacers washers and bearings but getting this computer thingy to do what I want is near impossible. BE safe!  Any body else in the midwest chopping corn? JR

P.S. I hope the spelling and grammer are better in this post my wife was riding me pretty hard about the fact that I can't spell or form a sentence so I hope this passses the mustard.  Believe me she'll let me know! ROFLMAO.  (Don't tell her I wrote this OK?)

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Re: From the parl;or pit 8-27

Sorry about the you tube screw up i edited it so you should be able to see it now. JR

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Re: From the parl;or pit 8-27

Just a quick note to say silage began in Ontario last week with a few fields that were drying up early. Big push will start next week.

Some talk of high moisture corn to start before mid September or it will be too dry.

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Re: From the parl;or pit 8-27

we started early here on the east coast also.  Chopped the early corn 2.5 weeks ago and Chopping the double crop corn today.   It was very warm in April and May here and I think thats were the corn picked up its extra GDU's

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