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From the parlor pit 12-30

You know I love the holidays you get to meet all your family which you haven't seen in a long time plus see how the kids have grown.

The one thing I hate about the holidays is that you also get ihntroduced to everybodys colds and crud!  I went to bed last night feeling pretty good but by the middle of the night I felt like my head was in a vice!  I got up this morning and did chores and then crawled back into be for a few hours.   I left you with a question yesterday and I wanted to give out the answer. BTW great discusion on that thread good thoughts all the way around.

But the answer is INDIA.


They have 44 million in there cow herd over there. WOW. as I was doing some reading I found one place that listed the breeds they said 14% are other than Buffralo?  The majority of the cattle they milk are water buffalo.  Now that would be an intersting milkin.  Here's alittle article on the Indian Dairy industry along with the fact that while they are in a deficiet position they may not try to increase their imports. We will see.  


India's dairy imports to drop despite 'supply gap'

India looks set to avoid hefty dairy imports next year despite a growing threat of a "milk supply gap" as even production growth running at 4% a year fails to keep up with surging demand.

The country, already the world's second-ranked dairy producer, in the long term faces a deficit in supplies unless it can further ramp up output growth, with consumption, swollen by growth in affluence and in India's population, rising by some 8% a year, the US Department of Agriculture's New Delhi bureau said.

"As incomes and population grow, and consequently consumption, India may require additional supplies and imports of butter and non-fat dairy milk," the bureau said in a report.

Strong supplies 

However, the deficit looks unlikely to come to a head in 2011, after a strong monsoon this year boosted fodder supplies, and supported an unexpectedly strong rise of 4.5% in milk production.

Milk output, including production from buffaloes, hit 117,000 tonnes, second only to the European Union tally.

And this after India had lifted imports of dairy products and encouraged a build-up of inventories amid fears of a "supply crunch" following last year's weak monsoon.

"A sufficient 2010 monsoon, accompanied by the duty-free imports, has led to carryover stocks for next year," the bureau said.

Butter imports will decline by more than two-thirds to 5,000 tonnes next year. Imports of skim milk powder, which surged 10 times to 30,000 tonnes in 2010, will fall to zero.

Cattle vs buffaloes 

India is attempting to improve its domestic dairy production through a range of initiatives including improved husbandry and genetics, with the country's dairy herd, by far the world's largest with some 44m cows in milk, producing relatively low yields.

Nearly half of India's bovine population comprises buffaloes, which produce higher fat milk content preferred in the country, with dairy cows "improved" with genes from European or North American cattle accounting for only 14% of the herd.

"However, as the organised [dairy] sector produces more milk, dairy cattle are increasing in popularity due to their increased yield and shorter dry periods," the bureau said.

Furthermore, India's dairy farms, which traditionally comprise five animals and rely on locally-available feed, are consolidating into larger enterprises.


The markets yesterday were very strong with blocks up 1 cent and class three for Feb was up 24 cents.  I think good things will be coming. Be Safe JR

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Re: From the parlor pit 12-30

Well Jr I know how you feel

Christmas here had one family just getting over a bout of flu and by the end of the day a granddaughter in another family was feeling poorly.

Net result all in this house were wishing we were dead on Tuesday, began to think it was not going to happen yesterday so we checked the obtuaries and decided we better start moving today.

Food looks good, smells good but somehow just does not 'sit' too well yet today.

Ah but there is next yearSmiley Wink


Hang in there maybe you will get a big meal on New Years day, and be able to enjoy it.

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Re: From the parlor pit 12-30

Hey Jr.  I had it bad just before harvest.  The 1st couple days on the combine I was praying nothing would go wrong.  Awful headaches, bad congestion, etc.   The thing that helped was Mucinex.  Good Luck

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