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From the parlor pit 3-15

Well talk about a kick in the teeth!


Yea I know us t i tty tuggers are about as relevant as a sale on steak during lenten season in a catholic town, but I didn't think it was this bad.


Nass decided out of all of it's reports to cancel several key livestock reports. The list is below.


NASS Suspends Milk Production and Cattle Reports

NASS Suspends Certain Statistical Estimates and Reports Due to Sequestration

Issued March 12, 2013 by the Agricultural Statistics Board of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, National Agricultural Statistics Service. For information contact Sue King at (202) 690-8122.

USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service is suspending a number of statistical surveys and reports for the remainder of the fiscal year due to reduced funding caused by sequestration. Before deciding upon the program suspensions, NASS reviewed its survey programs against mission- and user-based criteria as well as the amount of time remaining in the fiscal year to conduct the surveys with the goal of finding available cost savings and maintaining the strongest data in service to agriculture. The decision to suspend these reports was not made lightly, but it was nevertheless necessary, given the funding situation.

All Catfish and Trout Reports including Catfish Feed Deliveries and Catfish Processing
July Cattle Report
Potato Stocks Reports
All Non-Citrus Fruit, Nut and Vegetable Forecasts and Estimates
June Rice Stocks Report
All Hops and Hops Stocks Estimates
Mink Report
Milk Production Reports including Production, Disposition and Income
June on- and off-farm stocks for Austrian Winter Peas, Chickpeas, Dry Peas and Lentils
July acreage forecasts for Austrian Winter Peas, Dry Edible Peas and Lentils




Do you see that list?


I mean us milk guys are now ranked with the catfish and the mink!


Cattleman don;t rank much higher just alphabetically.


So there ya go.


What don;t ya see on that list?

Thats right corn and beans, and wheat.  Oh we gotta keep those reports flowing.


AH but my 4x4x44 brothern don't think this is about you.




This is about the big trading firms, investment houses, and TBTF banks. They gotta have a way to get those Bernanke bucks out there so they had to keep these reports flowing especially as March madness comes upon us (otherwise known as the march 31 planting intentions report)


So here we are. The Government sequester has taken away the cows standing in the importance of the agriculture trade swept it right in there with the cornucopia of nuts, peas, lentils and non citrus fruit. Golly,  It;s been a tough year. Several have attempted to remove my dairygland thru financial hardship and an effort to save my future ability to make money but I stuck it out. The weatherman took my hay and most of my corn silage and the Greenie weenie Ethol guys took my grain.


I came out of all that battered and bruised but this is the final straw. Now I do not even have a report that states with some certainty that I have a place in the world. Nope I better go back out and feed my cows they still love me.


 Now none of ya now how many cows Ive got or what they milk cause I ain't tellin nobody! LOL


BTW everybody on this broke ranch is doin fine. I think the drought broke and from what I hear from the hay jockeys all the hay in the whole world is gonna be plowed under and planted to corn. I think the planted acres will be 106 million based on that.

But you guys will have a report to at least prove me wrong! LOL


jordan and buddy.JPG


This is my youngest with his very first bottle lamb.  If you think dog food is expensive feed a few of these and their Mom's At least I gave up trying to make money with livestock.



Be safe.

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Re: From the parlor pit 3-15

I read the one sent out by FSA with the signup papers.  


Government employees who claim that their reports and work is not political------------- think again.




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Re: From the parlor pit 3-15

If it would make you feel any better JR, I would gladly give up the USDA corn and soys lies, errr I mean reports, in exchange for your milk reports. Nice little lamb

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Re: From the parlor pit 3-15

Jr it's all about the money. There is no money in trading milk futures.


Why do you think the cbot is changing it's hrs again?  It is all about the money, it has nothing to do with providing a market for the farmers. It is all about the "score" . They wanted round the clock trading. They did that, found out they need a break to "juice" or "goose" the market.


The one I can't understand is the 75,000 ton garbanzo bean market. I mean it is a staple on almost every salad bar usually just a bowl or two down from the cottage cheese . I'm thinking of writing my congress critter. I mean how are the few farmers that grow those supposed to know if it is time to plant another 10 acres of those things?


The only farmer with a worse case of production at all costs than the grain farmer is the dairyman.


I just bought a couple of boxes of shop towels, think I'll send you one. They double as crying towels. The way things are going you might need to hand them out to your grain farming neighbors when they get that $3.50 corn that is coming.

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Re: From the parlor pit 3-15

It is really sad to me to hear all the complaining about how these oversized soda pop containers contribute to obesity in kids, but no one is talking about substituting, or even including milk, flavored and plain white with different % of fat. Everywhere you look in a public place anywhere, you see at least one and usually more soda pop machines, but no milk dispeners. Tis a shame not to offer a healthy choice for the soda pop drinkers. Why don't the law makers work on that? A milk dispensing machine should be required for every soda pop machine installed everywhere.

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Re: From the parlor pit 3-15

MIsery Loves company so why not join on in! LOL

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