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From the parlor pit 3-2

YIKES! It is cold outside this morning. Yesterday afternoon it was muddy and we were able to haul a few loads of manure. My youngest son fell in a mud puddle. I shoulda taken pics. Of course I saw him do it, but he didn't think anybody saw him. 

He landed on his right side belly first.   He put his hands out in front of him to keep from rolling around in it. When he did it splashed mud up on his face and fore arms.  He kinda sat there for a minute looked like a horse up on it's front legs thinking about how much effort it was gonna take to get him self out of there with out getting any wetter.   He was finally able to get himself up then he walked very stiffly towards the shop to get outa the wind and to think how he was gonna get cleaned up. 

I kept watching him cause he is a thinker. My oldest is reactionary and middle boy just don't care but this one he is my Velosa Raptor. So I could kinda see him standing in the overhead door of the shop. really concerned about his station in life thinking over his options.

He knew tha going up to grandmas house wasn't a very good option. He was covered in mud and grandma wasn't gonna let him in past the mud room on the back porch. 

He knew that his brothers would just laugh at him. (he did look kinda funny). 

He knew that I was hauling manure.  ( well he thought I was ) . 

He knew that grandpa would say you better go see grandma, and he didn't want to do that. 

So he stood there with the wind wiping around at him making him colder by the second.  Finally I couldn't stand seeing him shiver any more. So I walked up there and I said "should I take you home?". 

He said only if mom doesn't see this!

I started laughing and said don't worry son she is gonna see it no matter what!  So he scrammbled up into the truck after I put down a couple feed sacks that were cleaner than he was for him to sit on. and we raced home. HE was thinking about how to get into the house without mom seeing. He was really scarred.

So he started to walk to the house after looking to make sure Mom couldn't see him out of the kitchen window.  She wasn't there so he walked real stiff towards the door of the garage.  Then he started down to our basement, thinking he had made it.  However I knew that if mom found those clothes smashed down at the bottom of the clothes hamper I would be in trouble.  So I followed him in and then just as he got to the middle of the basement steps. I hollered for mom.  If looks could kill his stare would of ended my life right there. Mom came over and looked at him, scowled and then started laughing! 

Boy was he releaved.  He went down stairs and giggled. He got out of those clothes and came back up and Mom asked why were you so close to the puddle? 

He looked kinda funny at her and said well mom "Thats where the mud is!".

  I about rolled on the floor right there. My wife is pretty good with comebacks but she didn't have anything for that!  The moral of the story. Enjoy every minute! 

On to the fonterra auction. Here are the results .

Number of Qualified Bidders304
Number of Participating Bidders114
Number of Winning Bidders45
Number of bidding rounds12
Duration of trading event (hours:mins)2:29
Average winning price (USD/MT, FAS)$4,826
Change in gDT-TWI™ price from previous Event5.9%


Price Changes from Previous Event

Changes in price indicesContract 1
Contract 2
Contract 3
All Contracts
Anhydrous Milk Fat (AMF)1.9%1.2%-0.7%1.1%
Butter Milk Powder (BMP)n.a.n.a.n.a.n.a.
Skim Milk Powder (SMP)2.8%5.8%-3.1%2.3%
Whole Milk Powder (WMP)15.4%12.3%2.6%9.6%
All products (trade-weighted)9.0%8.7%-0.1%5.9%



In case you didn't notice I was wrong they went up again.

Be safe JR

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Re: From the parlor pit 3-2

  My kids used to raise about everything for 4-H projects.  Me and oldest girl were cleaning out the hog pen by hand.   She tripped and her long blonde hair went as gravity intended.  When she got upright and looked at what was on her hair she said" don't me  tell that's what I think it is"  I said "OK. I won't"

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