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From the parlor pit 6-1

Welcome June It's Dairy month!Smiley Very Happy

Thanks to all you folks who consume our product in all it's varied forms.  I hope you will continue to use our products and enjoy them for the healthy and nutritious product they are. Sometime this month invite over some friends and have some homemade Icecream. it's really good and gives time for everyone to fellowship over something really wholesome!

Today and really all week our focus will be towards the world. THe fonterra auction is today.  On the third the EU begins taking bids on it's stored milk products.

With the recent strenght in the dollar it puts us at a distinct disadvatage to most concerning export mkts. I think this will be a very telling week all in all.

By the way since it is the first of the month I got my milk check from the COOp and they had $14.45 as the base price we got more than that with premiums. 

What did you guys get for your BASE?

We had a nice rain over the weekend here and the second cutting hay is beautiful. 

We got back our haylage analysis on Fiday

                                                   ! st sample                            2nd sample

Dry matter                                    39%                                           39.5%

CP%                                                22.6%                                      22.6%

ADF                                                28.8%                                        30.8%

NDF                                                33.6%                                         35.4%

RFV                                                184                                               170.6

We should be able to make some milk on that.  The first sample was from the first field we cut the second sample was from the last field we cut. Have a good one.  Should be an intersting week. JR

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