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From the parlor pit 6-11

Good morning for ducks!  Like a once famous preacher was overheard saying after a particularly hard day...."if you write down the cuss words I'll sign it!".

We have gotten a lot of water yesterday was our 28th day from cutting first cutting we really like to cut on  a 28 day schedule so this is messing us up.

We have corn to respray as well but that will have to wait a while.  We have gotten an inch in the last 18 hours and she is really pouring right now. Chores in the rain isn't any fun

But at least it isn't snow!Smiley Very Happy

On to the mkts. While blocks and barrels still were lower on the spot mkt  Class 111 futures were up with august up 17 cents (that has been the most volatile of all the contract months. This means our milk checks should actually go up for June milk while blocks and barrels have fallen.

I got a PM(private message) yesterday asking why I saw 1.35 as a psychological floor. Oh by the way (rambling here) I think the PM is one of the nicest of the new features on this new format Give it a try just click on my name and then click on send a message they show up clear down at the bottom of the home page of the community page.

Oh yea back to markets. I went back last night and checked to make sure but since the first of the year we have only dropped below 1.35 starting on FEB. 25 and running through March30.  26 trading days. March was ugly but we came out of it and moved forward to 1.51 by April 8th.

The low for the year  was reached on 3-11 and held there for 6 days at 1.2675 This is the chart resistance for the year. If we fall through that we could see some real ugly times again.

The high for the year was back in January 26 -29 at 1.5150 for all four sessions.

So I use 1.35 because for the year we have had almost 3 times as many days above that as below.  I know not real scientific but that is how I see it!

How do others see it?

There is always two people complaining about the price both the seller and the BUYER.

Be safe yesterday we cleaned out the shop (well part of it). Today I am going to weld a new bottom into the floor of the Knight Reel mixer. Stay dry. JR

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