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Veteran Advisor

From the parlor pit 6-14

Well altogether we got three inches of rain this last week.  We are hoping we can get to the hay today or tomorrow as it hasn't blossomed as of this morning.

Blocks of cheese came back this last Friday to close at 1.37/pound. So we bounced up from 1.36 this ended a three week slide. Lets hope we can hold this week.

Cream is very tight so we will have continued strength in the butter market which closed up over 1.60/pound.

Well for the week we have the EU auction of butter and smp coming on the 17th so we will be able to see the world price tested again. Hopefully the Euro will strengthen and those countries will feel a little bullishness this week going into the auction final offers need to be into the ministries by tomorrow.

NMPF has announced a new pricing plan I haven't had time to read it yet I'll try to post a link tomorrow. It's been a busy morning so I haven't gotten all my ducks in a row this morning yet. More tomorrow. JR