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Veteran Advisor

From the parlor pit 6 - 9

Well I try to be Posititve and I really do think there are reasons to be.

One of the things that I know is Butter keeps going up.  There seems to be alot of world demand for butter and while there are ample stocks we must realize that we have been putting a lot of product into cheese, and powder.  When we finally try to replenish those butter stocks (which has to happen before the fall fluid school demand starts).  

So Butter is up to 1.60 Good signs of things to come.

Blocks are I think near the resistance of 1.35 ( that is my number not a chart number) therefore I think they won't fall below that.

I don't know why but human nature says sometimes we like to know we are all in the same boat here is a very intersting article from out west that at least says we are in the same boat.

Oh by the way yesterday scrap steel unprepared was 150/ton. (I am remodeling an old barn and had a bunch of junk in there to get rid of.

While there I saw something that will only happen in Iowa a fellow had an old oliver combine which he had taken the rear axle off of.

He then set the rearend of the combine in the back of his mid 80's chevy PU. And towed it into Mason City Iron and Metal for delivery to it's final resting place!

My brother in law got a pic but he hasn't sent it over to me yet.

Oh yea before BA Deere starts to blow about the strength of that old chevy let me Just say if he had had a ford he would have been able to set that whole combine in the bed  and then pulled something in on a wagon thereby being more effiecient and green as well.!

Be safe. And remeber don't follow me I am lost to I just am More confident of it! JR