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From the parlor pit 7-22

First this morning I want to say I am in one of those goofy moods, you know dreary outside but full of humor inside. 

My daughter says I'm just weird and shakes her head at me, Do all kids think their dads are weird? Maybe it's just mine!


The dairy markets seem to be in a steady uptrend.  Here locally schools are now less than a month away from opening which will put pressure on processors for fluid milk which will pull milk out of cheese vats and butter churns.  Butter is still in demand with historically low stocks.  While milk production for June should show itself to have continued with a year over year increase that has been the pattern since March,  I think  July will be lower as we have considerable heat and substantial humidity over much of the dairy belt. Prices always swing on a pendulum and they always overcorrect.  Last year June class 3 milk hit a low of 9.90/cwt  this year we are running nearly 4$ more /cwt in the same contract month.

Yesterday butter closed at $1.79  Folks that is huge.  I have started look into when will be the time to forward price milk either through my CO-OP or through futures I haven't gotten the feeling this is the time to use any of these tools yet but I am sharpening my research so as to be ready to pull the trigger when it is time, but for now the trend is our friend and I am willing to watch it rise. 

I think this U tube video sums up my impression of the dairy markets right now. EnjoySmiley Happy

Many when I was a kid I tried to walk like him! 



Other news from out west

ANd like they say there are two sides to every story.  Here's the other.

Very interesting.... I want a bill that gives farm owners overtime pay!!!! Smiley Wink  Any body want to co sponsor that bill with me?


On to the crop report for the day we got 1.5 inches of rain here just south of the center of the universe. Whew I was getting nervous some of the field ponds had almost dried out we can't let that happen! 

Oh by the way thanks for the offer Frank and with that parts express suburban I'll bet you could make it in here in less than 4 hours ( I would have said 3 but we drive slow out here in Iowa)  BUt alas behog is right trying to get the straw so maybe next time.  Thanks to all who have been reading you have a good day now.  We chopped quite late last night to get the cow hay up before it rained I think I'll take a nap. JR

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