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From the parlor pit 7-23

My project for this morning?     


Finding a cheap source of gopher wood I am waaayyyy behind on building the ARK and I need to cut some time so I am going with precut lumber. Mine will be smaller than Noahs  as I ain't takin no critters with me!  (OK maybe a couple cows and a dog but no CATS) 

We are up to almost 3 inches since yesterday morning at 3 AM.

For all of us in Iowa there is no doubt that the top is off the corn crop.  And I suspect we will find new molds and fungus in the crops this year we have never had to worry about.  That's just my gut feeling.

Out here we have been getting good tonnage on our hay but quality dry hay has been hard to find.  Heck quality haylage has been hard to put up. We got up all our 3 rd cutting cow hay up so far without rain on it but we do have about 30 acres of heifer hay getting a good wash again this morning.

Well enough about me. On to the milk markets.

Butter reached 1.80 per pound yesterday at the CME! 

Blocks reached 1.60.

The total cow numbers that were released last week for the 23 leading states showed we were lower on cow numbers from 09's number of 9,262,000.  To the '10 number of 9,111,000.  At the same time milk production for April thru June is up 1.7%.

BUtter stocks are now down 25% from year earlier levels. And guess what we are just into the middle of the price range for Oceanic butter. And still 30 to 40 cents lower than the EU's price for butter. So I think we will continue to move towards the world price for butter as supplies will continue to be difficult to rebuild going forward with the lower BF we have found across the nation.

Well I better go I have an ark to build!JR

PS to the CBOT rain might make grain but this is ridiculous.

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Re: From the parlor pit 7-23

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