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From the parlor pit 7-30

Short on time this morning so just some highlights and a couple of follwups to some stories.

BUtter traded up to 1.81 but then closed at 1.8050.  This was after 5 days at 1.80.  Cream supplies are tight.

NDM is getting cheaper so the california producers are especially in danger of a falling milk price.

Bloscks regained there wensday losses on thursday with some contract months actually trading higher,

Some other news,

I always like reading the comments page.

And as you know the Arizona law has been put on hold still there are some reports that many milkers left before the ruling in anticipation of the law going into effect. I don't have news story on that only some off hand remarks by a friend in NM.

It's raining here today.  We finished up baling straw last night, did the last thirty bales with some sprinkles but I just didn't want another half way done project stareing at me when this rain event is done.  Good day to work inside, might redouble the efforts on that ark, or clean out the show box for the fair,  or weld on the parlor.  But I will probably start with a nap. BE safe. JR

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Re: From the parlor pit 7-30

Well, maybe the report that came out yesterday that calcium supplements increase the risk of heart attacks will help the dairy industry.  The finding in a nutshell said that taking supplemental calcium increase the risk of having a heart attack by 30%, and getting calcium in food did not increase the risk..  So all those old people with thinning bones are going to have to reach for the glass of milk instead of the bottle of pills.

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Re: From the parlor pit 7-30


Hi to you

Fonterra is up 14%  for Feruary and in WMP otherwise down 2,8%....

How do you cover for feedcosts wich is to come????

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