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Veteran Advisor

From the parlor pit 8-5

Here is an early morning update just a couple things real quick.

THis is an interesting story on the drought's impact on  Russia's livestock sector.

Heres aq thought if they are killing livestock this drought is BBBAAADDD.

They (whoever they is) Shipped 38 loads of milk into the SE last week.  THat my friends is good news and with the higher temps in the south we will find continued production laggs.

And finally opening day of the fair how many trips can you make from the fairgrounds to the house for things you forgot in one day?

The answer 7!  My fuel gauge was going down faster than the BP stock price.  BUt a little hectic as of right now we have 139 bucket calves entered! 

We also have the long list of things going wrong like at any fair.  AS usual every body is blaming the fair board the division superintendents and the "rich" steer jockey.  All in all not a bad day.  Thanks to all the folks who put in a lot of effort to make this thing go I hope you folks still support your county fair it is a great place for the kids!  Even if you don't have a good reason go one evening walk thru a barn or two listen to the guy try to sell that spa or fishing boat. Buy a piece of pie at the 4-H food stand and reminise with the parents about when your kids were showing. It's all about ag and it is way better PR than peta could ever muster! BE safe. ANy guesses on how many trips today? JR

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