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From the parlor pit

Well guys the inaugural edition of from the parlor pit today on the new forumSmiley Very Happy Kudos to you successful farming guys for a cool site.

On to the marketing. Blocks surged past 1.40 yesterday for the first time in a month!  I really haven't found out a reason for the surge but I will keep doing a little digging. Everything was actually trading higher. I think we might just be getting tired here of being stagnant. if there really does come to be some volatility here we might just see some opportunities to forward contract some milk here. My price levels for forward contracting are way out of the money right now but they are at least having the market move forward to them.

We picked up another half inch of rain however it is quite a bit warmer this morning so maybe we are turning out of this bleakness. 

Have a good day and use the rain to explore this forum it is really neat. JR



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